Flowing screed

Our pump applied flow screed has a smooth and level surface finish. It is an ideal base for whichever flooring you choose to finish off your room.

Not only is it extremely durable but flowing screed also provides fast, efficient and precise floor covering. It is particularly handy for use with underfloor heating or unusually shaped rooms thanks to the fluid properties of screed.

Based in Norfolk, we operate across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

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Why Choose Liquid Screed?

We lay on average 500-1000m2 per day which is why flowing screed is ideal if time is of the essence. It’s very quick to install and once done, it’s ready for foot traffic within 24-48 hours. Perfect for when there isn’t the time to hang about.

Energy Efficient

Liquid screed is more conductive than other traditional screeds. This helps spread heat evenly across floor space and will reduce the amount of heating needed; saving you money on your heating bill.

Improved flexibility

You can speed up the drying process of liquid screed through force drying methods, such as underfloor heating which can be commissioned as early as 7 days after installation.


Saves time

It’s quicker and easier to install liquid screed compared to other types of screed, such as sand and cement. Time saved means money saved.

Various applications

Liquid screed can but used for sub floor levelling, with or without underfloor heating. It is perfect for residential and commercial buildings and suitable for floors with heavy foot traffic and much more.

Other benefits

Liquid Screed requires no reinforcement, shows lower shrinkage leading to no curls and minimal cracking plus fewer construction joints and flexible thickness – it does not need to always be 75mm.

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