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Did you know that the underfloor heating method can be as much as 26% more efficient than radiators? Yep, that’s right! It’s because the heat rises from floor to ceiling rather than radiator to ceiling and then sort of down to the floor. A more efficient heating system means lower running costs. Bonus!

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Underfloor heating and liquid screed are perfect partners

Liquid screed flows around the pipes eliminating air pockets and allowing the heat to be evenly distributed through the floor, reducing energy consumption. Screed offers fantastic thermal properties which means one incredibly efficient heating system to warm your chilly toes!

Naturally, our installers are fully certified – an absolute must when dealing with heating and plumbing!

For your comfort, we use the latest multi-layer pipes and control system. Topped with our flowing screed you will be enjoying comfortable underfloor heating, that will last for years, in no time!

If you’re in Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire, contact us for free underfloor heating quotation.

Improved energy efficiency

Better control over your heating and constant room temperature


No wasted wall space for radiators


Even distribution of heat

No dust circulation


Reduced risk of dust mites

Low maintenance

Warm feet

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